Hey guys and girls!

2 weeks ago I went to Les 2 Alpes in France for some summer shred action, joined by my two good friends Christl `Mäth` and Marvin Salmina.
We started from Innsbruck and drove the whole night to Les 2 Alpes. We got there the next morning. We were so pumped to finally be there that we got our shred stuff straight on and headed up to the glacier!
The weather was shitty as f#ck, but it was fun anyway! A good start to the trip!
The next few days the weather got better and we had lots of fun summer shredding the park! We also took some pictures and did some filming. The edit will be droppin’ soon, so stay tuned and watch this space!
Les 2 Alpes also has some nice miniramps to skate which were sessioned regulary.  After skating we decided to go to the lake and chilled there. So the perfect day at Les 2 Alpes included snowboarding, skating AND swimming – therefore, nothing to complain about! :-)
Unfortunately there were some bars and clubs as well, so we had to go out and show all the other guys how the Austrians party! Don’t worry - we were sending it all over the place!
We met lots of cool people from all over Europe like the Dutchies ( where ma dope at? ), Spains ( che passa hombres?! ), Italians ( Pizzaaa! ) , Russians ( Nastrovje! ), Swiss guys ( Huare geil! ) and of course the Frenchies ( Bonjour ! ).
All in all it was a dope a$$ trip !!! Thanks Marvin and Christl and all the other guys for makin’ this trip so special!!!
Can’t wait to do some more summer shred stuff with you guys again next year!
Holl at ya !!!
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle!


Max G