The Crown Coalition, created earlier this year, offers limited edition product to a select group of specialty skate shops in very small numbers. According to Supra Skate Marketing Director Dennis Martin, “The Crown Coalition is an elite federation of skate shops who, through their continued devotion and commitment to skateboarding, are extended the privilege of carrying a new collection of limited edition SUPRA projects such as the Jim Greco signature Hammer Snake.”

The Hammer Snake is constructed from black, snakeskin embossed leather, and features custom Hammer Snake and Crown Coalition logos throughout,” says Martin. Greco was inspired by the Chinese Zodiac year of the snake when choosing the material and story for this shoe, the first Hammer model to be customized for Crown Coalition.
New Crown Coalition releases will continue to be made available quarterly as  limited editions, focused on special color ways and/or material stories.

Q&A with Supra Skate Marketing Director Dennis Martin: 

How does a shop qualify for Crown Coalition? What do you consider a “core” shop?
"We picked core accounts that support skateboarding. Shops that are just skate shops, and not trying to be anything else. We looked for places that have been around and supported the core skateboard cause, doing things like sponsoring kids and doing local contests. It’s kind of easy to know who they are. They bring in tours, autograph signings, build local talent. The people who work there are skaters. Shops like Cow Town in Arizona. SUPRA is extremely proud to be partnering with the dedicated skate shops that make up the Crown Coalition."

How exactly does the program work?
"Each shop receives six pairs as they’re released [quarterly]. Once a shop joins, they’ll continue receiving new releases, but they can opt out at any time. We want to give them something special, that you can’t get from another retailer. If there are two shops in a town, that means there will still only be 12 pairs in the entire city."

What are the pricepoints/margins?
"There are different price points. This one [Hammer Snake] is higher than the normal Hammer. It’s something special. Very limited. You can treat it as a collectible, or skate in it. But prices will vary. Not all materials will be more expensive."

What about sizing in such a limited run?
"We focus on the most popular sizes, 8.5 to 11. But shops can pick."

What kind of marketing support are you providing?
"Each shoe has a crown coalition logo that separates it. The lead time on each new shoe is a couple months. We drive traffic on the Internet and with the team, feeding images to create hype. A few weeks out, the shops see one pair ahead of time. We’re also creating hats, T-shirts, and other promo items.By the time the shoe arrives, people know it’s coming."